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V samém srdci české metropole, na pražských Foglarových Stínadlech se v rámci dvacáteho ročníku Designbloku otevřel výjimečný pop-up prostor Canapé by Soffa. Magazín Soffa a Sotheby's Realty Czech Republic zpřístupnili neobyčejný a architektonicky nesmírně cenný areál Obecního dvora, jehož začátky lze vypátrat už v 15.století. Uvnitř se nachází...

Hacking your furniture seems like a great way to change the look if you get tired of it. Even better, if you want to stick out, you'll get a more personalised feel to it. There are countless more or less reliable resources and instructions on DIY, however, things have got a lot easier with companies, such as Prettypegs who...

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I am an avid observer of live, people and all things within, especially interior, food, coffee and other stimulating joys of life. With an eye for aesthetically pleasing subjects I am open to interpretations and challenges of the life in the 21st century - a time of confusion and countless contradictions.

I love to broaden my horizons by watching, listening and tasting and, most of all, I love to interpret these both visually and in writing. With a knack for generating random thoughts, I am more than thrilled to be sharing what is going on in my mind and life.


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