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One can easily get lost in the flashy jungle of fast plastic products but coming across people who put their best efforts into perfecting the final product is like finding an oasis in the middle of an arid desert. There is a growing community of people who choose quality over quantity refusing cheap ways. It is true that sometimes people...

Ever since I discovered Prettypegs, a company which provides upgrading stuff for your Ikea furniture, I have been addicted. I keep thinking about what I could improve with all the stunning legs, knobs or even doors for the Besta unit. Perhaps you still remember a nice makeover I gave to my box spring bed (not Ikea) and my Soderhamn...

Přiznávám to - na Vánoce se těším vždycky už od skončení letní sezóny. V pětatřiceti stupňových vedrech, které jsem zažívali ještě v září, bylo příjemné myslet na zasněženou krajinu, svařené víno a cukroví. Čas přímo pádí a to nejkouzelnější období je skoro tady

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I am an avid observer of live, people and all things within, especially interior, food, coffee and other stimulating joys of life. With an eye for aesthetically pleasing subjects I am open to interpretations and challenges of the life in the 21st century - a time of confusion and countless contradictions.

I love to broaden my horizons by watching, listening and tasting and, most of all, I love to interpret these both visually and in writing. With a knack for generating random thoughts, I am more than thrilled to be sharing what is going on in my mind and life.


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