Who am I? /EN/


Aestheticism is something I have been shaping up my entire life. It has taken some considerable time to train the eye and get used to certain aesthetic principles. The beginnings could be traced back up to me being a little girl in pig-tails, when I formed my views and attitudes.

Since no man is an island, I was shaped by my environment too, just like everyone else. I grew up in the early nineties right after the Velvet Revolution and the end of the Communist era in our country. These times were marked by the euphoria and naivety of people who had just broken free.

My parents and basically everyone here was put in a completely new and unknown situation. The euphoria was soon replaced by disillusion and disappointment and this more or less continues up to now. Unfortunately, it all is intensified by the lack of strong and honest political leaders - the role models.

However, we, as a nation, are very slowly learning how to be happy with things we have and notice those beautiful little things around us. I feel we are on the right track here and I am more than thrilled to see many small businesses and initiatives thrive. Also, I strongly believe we have aestheticism in our blood. It may have been curbed by authorities trying to take away the individuality in the sad history of ours, but it is still deeply rooted in us.

More and more people are spending money on less practical but much prettier things. More and more people are learning to enjoy life by travelling, great food and building up their nests. I am literally thrilled to be witnessing this now.

I am an optimist (with occasional moments of depression and little everyday epiphanies) who views these changes as an entirely positive thing. On the other hand, our time has brought on other issues, which may sometimes be overwhelming, such as more frequent depressions and other mental issues (more about this topic in future posts). I am neither a psychologist nor an expert, but I see it in myself and in people around me.

I am also very visually driven and that is why both design and interior styling have grown on me so much over the years. Actually, it is kind of funny when I journey back in memory and remember things I used to find pretty. As I evolved, my taste did as well. Let me say: thank god! I can't even say I liked bright and bold colours but they were practically everywhere back in the 2000s. People would put them on every wall in their homes. I believe it could have been because of the free spirit and the refusal of the dictatorship of the Communist regime. So I loved colours, too. I painted the living-room bright apricot and the bedroom got a bright bold green coat as well. I liked it for a brief period of time but soon got really sick of it. I can even say I loathed it. Since then I have preferred monochromatic schemes based on grey, white, and light greyish beige. That's no surprise especially in the light of current trends. But I consider the Nordic style a more permanent way of living loved by more or less people depending on the marketing rather than a fad or a trend.

I am refusing to categorize what my blog is about or what style my interior is. Please, don't get me wrong. It is not because I look down on categories or styles, but it is rather because I am yet trying to define it. One thing is certain, I see this blog as a road to evolution.